Natural Beaded Rows Extensions™

First Time Package Includes:

FREE Color Service
Create a soft and natural color placement to ensure a seamless blend with the extensions and an easy grow out.

Custom Colored, Hand-Tied Wefts
High Quality, 100% Human Hair with endless color and texture options.

Customized placement and application of extensions to ensure optimal results and the safety and protection of the natural hair.

Custom Cut
Just as important at the customized color, the custom cut plays a pivotal role in creating a natural look and blend.

Special Color Pricing on future “Move Up” Appointments.

NBR™ pricing Estimates:

  • First Time Package: $1200-$2000

    • With Move Up” Services Every 6-8 Weeks: $170-$330

    • Color Maintenance: $85-$285

Curious how much your hair would cost? Pricing of Hair Extensions completely depends on both your desired look and current hair. The BEST way to determine YOUR exact pricing is by scheduling a consultation. -Apply HERE-