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Happy Monday Everyone! I wanted to share with you some awesome tips and tricks from These are especially great for those like me who try to stretch out their styles as long as possible- before kicking and screaming because they finally have to wash their hair. 

Hairspray Hacks

Spray it on a toothbrush - Not only does hairspray work wonders for curls/holding styles but we spray it on a toothbrush and brush our brows into place. Note: Don't mix it up with your actual toothbrush later. 

Dry Shampoo Tricks

Dust it on - Use a make-up brush to apply the dry shampoo to your roots (like you would apply powder to your face). By the time you're done applying your actual make-up viola, clean hair! 

Use it on clean hair - Lift up pieces around the part of your hair and apply dry shampoo underneath, massage in and you've added light volume. Adding dry shampoo to clean hair will also give you that messy perfect "I just woke up like this" hair. 

Prep hair before bed - The ultimate lazy girl hack, before bed put your hair in a loose braid, apply dry shampoo to the roots and spritz a texture spray, like Verb Sea Spray, on the braid. In the morning, undo the braid, fix any pieces by twisting and using the texture spray again and boom, hair done in less than a minute. You're welcome sleep lovers.

Volume Spray For the Win

Skip the suds - One of our favorite ways to use Verb Volume Spray is post workout. A quick body shower + volume spray saves time and your hair from constant washing. Spray your sweaty strands with volume spray and run a blow dryer through those parts, your locks will be bouncy and fresh in no time. (We do shower, we promise we're not gross but like.. not having to wash your hair all the time is nice.)

Ghost Oil to Moisturize

Slather on - Ghost oil is our go-to for stopping frizz, adding moisture back to the ends and looking put together... It's also a great option when we're on-the-go and need lotion. Smooth it over tattoos as well and they'll look fresh as ever. 

Verb Shampoo Switch Ups

Shampoo second - We wrote an entire article on reverse washing, should you be doing it? :  

Buy one less product - We love the shampoo so much that we also use it for body wash. Not sure know if that makes us lazy or minimalists but doesn't change the fact that it works.

Leave-in For Your Needs

Use as a cutting tool - For you stylists out there, not only will Verb Leave-In Mist detangle your client's hair but you can use it as a cutting tool to give grip as well. 

Get from pool to happy hour faster - Leave-In Mist protects against the sun when you apply it before the pool or beach. Another way to use it? We like to apply it on wet strands after the chlorine, not only does it make your hair smell better but when you air dry you'll get a frizz free style. 

Also... when we don't have the necessary items around we use it as lotion. 

Styling Cream Tip

Combo w/ Ghost Oil - Our favorite way to use the styling cream is to mix it with a pump of Ghost Oil, apply to damp hair and blow out for frizz-free, moisturized tresses. Seriously, so many compliments the days we have the time to do this.

Hydrating Mask Insider Uses

Mix your hair color in - One of the girls in our office likes to put the pink color she dyes her hair with mixed into the hydrating mask and use once a week to moisturize and keep the color looking fresh. You can also do this with conditioner as well. 

Save super dry locks - If your hair is super dry, our favorite way to get it back to life is to put the Hydrating Mask on dry hair and let it sit while we do a face mask or paint our nails before washing out. The extra time seems to really do the trick. 

Sea Spray Hacks

Get a better blowout - Whether you're blowdrying straight or not, spraying Verb Sea Spray on hair while it is damp will give you a bit of grip to make it easier to blowout. Bonus: It will also give your hair a bit more volume!

Mix with Volume Spray - Want even more volume? Spray on volume spray & then sea spray before you blow-dry. 

Save yourself time - Like we said up there, spritz it on a braid before bed to get messy texture when you wake up. You can also twist hair while applying to achieve perfectly messy. Another way we like to use it is after curling, spray some on and mess up the waves a bit to make your style look more natural/lived in. 


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