My Best Advice For Stylists Feeling Tired and Uninspired.

Lets face it, we love our trade, but it isn't a piece of cake. Long hours on your feet and minimal-if any- breaks, not to mention the mental stress from trying to meet our clients, sometimes ridiculous, expectations.... lets just say..We put up with a lot of crap. Sometimes all of these things get the best of us and we start to lose motivation. Our job starts to feel like just a "job" that we dread going to. We no longer feel creative or artistic, just slaves behind the chair, doing the same things over and over again. This has probably happened to me about once or twice a year since doing hair. I overwork myself and let the all of these things get to me. How do I get over the funk and get re-inspired?

For the sake of you and your clients, Take a few days off. At least Three. It is crucial for your  mental, physical and artistic sanity. 



Spent that first day either doing nothing at all, or doing all of the things you've been wanting to do. Spend time with friends and family. Take yourself on a little shopping spree. you work hard, you earned it! Get a massage, or get your own hair done! Going to another salon and seeing how they work will remind you of things you may not be doing and should. Whatever you decide, make sure it is stress free and allows you to relax and enjoy the day.


Spend your second day cleaning your living space from top to bottom! Odds are, if you've been working your buns off lately, you've been slacking at home and a deep clean is needed. Like my mom used to tell me, waking up in a clean, stress free environment means a stress free mind. When you finish up at home, stay motivated and drive your butt to the salon and clean your work area. Reorganize your color, your brushes, and all cabinets. Everything to make your life  easier at work. The day goes by so much smoother when everything is tidy, prepped and organized.


On this day you need to remind yourself that you are an artist, a hair doctor, and a wizard behind the chair! So take a class through your beauty supply, or search the web for online education, You would be amazed how much knowledge you can access online! You can go through online certifications through companies or even by simply going to youtube and learning from other stylists. Even if you think you are the best in the biz, trust me you can still learn something new from another stylist. Maybe you will decide to switch up your color line, or use a new highlighting technique. Maybe you will learn about a new treatment that you know your clients will love. Not only will you further your skill and knowledge, but you can even boost your income by gaining new certifications or discovering new add on services.   


I promise that after these three days, you will feel refreshed and motivated to get back to work. This works for me every time I'm in a rut. Remember how lucky we are to have our jobs and make an amazing career out of it. 

Abigail LaceyComment