Haircolor and Skin Tone

Often clients will show me photos of Haircolor inspirations that they would like to have without taking their own skin tone into consideration. This is so important! Although you may love the color in the photo, it may not be the best choice for you. To understand what tones look best on your skin you first need to understand basic color theory and warm VS cool colors.

It's Simple


Warm Skin tones are complimented by warm haircolors. For example if your skin has gold undertones, deep caramels, auburns, coppers and chocolate tones will compliment your features and make you glow. 

If your skin has mostly pink or blue undertones, you fall under the Cool category. Therefore, stick with the cool tones. Beige, blue based and ash tones look best on you. Ash not necessarily meaning grey, but more of a silvery/white blonde. 

Of course these rules can be broken! Don't be discouraged if you are someone with warm gold undertones and have always dreamed about having that cool white blonde. You CAN rock this color, you just have to know how. The trick is all in the blend. You NEED dimensional color that incorporates your natural color, the color you want, and a color that blends the two together. For Example, the "great" Kim K. In the first picture, we see her venturing out into the blondes. she keeps her base color close to her own with warm deep caramels complimenting her skin tone. In the second picture we see an added cool blonde. Because she has this blend of her natural base, a caramel/Beige blonde and this cool blonde, it looks amazing! Unlike the third photo, where she took the look too far and went the wrong direction. The cool contrast in her haircolor with her warm undertones makes her skin appear more orange and distracts from her features.

Never be afraid to ask for my professional opinion when it comes to color selection. Even if the color you want doesn't follow the basic rules, together we can find a way to make it work!

Abigail LaceyComment